in 2011, the Rohini Ghadiok Foundation is committed to supporting institutions that aid students through educational, technical and vocational training programs. It aims to contribute towards the making of a just and egalitarian society; to inspire hope, lend a hand and directly engage people, by promoting the ideals, values and principles espoused by Rohini Ghadiok, the development professional after whom the Foundation is named. Some of their initiatives include transforming education for underserved children in urban India through the Parikrma Humanity Foundation; supporting social entrepreneurial outreach initiative, imparting skill-training and providing employment opportunities to young people especially from rural, disadvantaged districts across the eastern states of India through Gram Tarang and other such endeavours.
The Rohini Ghadiok Foundation has instituted three Rohini Ghadiok Fellowships, for M.Phil in Development Practice for young and innovative development practice professionals. This is a rural immersion-based programme that aims to develop a new genre of developmental professionals who would work among the rural and urban poor to facilitate a long-standing transformation in their lives.